one sleeps, and one awakens

I found you in my dream last night.
I was sitting on the sandy beach listening to the
pounding surf, and soft calling of the gulls.
I closed my eyes and let the sounds wash over me.
The birthing morning sun was throwing golden foil
upon the water, and soft sea breezes brushed my face.
Inner peace surrounded me.
A crashing wave made me open my eyes,
and a saw you sitting on a rocky section further down the beach.
The waves crashed upon the rocks and you sat
letting the ocean rain down upon you in fine misty droplets.
There was a sadness about you in that you chose to sit
so far away on the hard unyeilding rocks.
But there were no tears -
you stared out at the ocean as if daring it to answer you.
Are you seeing the answer?
Did you come to have the pain washed away or
to clutch it close to your heart.
You look through shadowed eyes tainted by the pain
you clutch so tightly, missing the beauty which
surrounds you, missing the human contact only paces
down the beach, and missing God's tears on your face.

With icy fingers the day returned
pealing back the cool and forgiving shroud of night
that had enfolded and cradled me for hours.
Waves from the rushing tide in collision
with the rocky outcrop I was sitting on anointed me,
running in small rivulets down my face,
becoming the salty tears I had long since run out of.
My soul was lost, floating as if somewhere
in that pitch dark sea. My heart shattered
in a moment of careless words and misunderstandings
lay in tatters in it's depths.
The bright hope of promise and possibility
cooled in the light of reason leaving me only the night
and the sirens call begging me to come and embrace the void.
Then a gulls cry pulled me back into myself
as a cool breeze washed over me.
The zephyr lay upon my shoulders as warm hands
pulling the pain away, whispering to me
not to give up hope.
That's when I saw you sitting there,
just a few steps away. The light played upon your face,
bathing you with an angelic glow so natural
that I had to wonder if came more from within
than with the mornings kiss.
Your hair caressed by the gentle wind fell
across your shoulder dancing happily to it touch.
Like a warm old friend the peace and serenity you were feeling
embraced you and held you in his heart and his arms.
I started to speak to you, to ask if you were real
or just a vision of my heart
when I realized that by speaking, I might disrupt it
and shatter the dream.

copyright by Master Martillo
written by tasseau{Martillo}