Master Martillo's Trip

In the many trips of the "Silver Ship" to earth, agents of the Priest Kings are always looking into skills that will augment those of the planet Gor. On one such trip they became interested in the metal working skills of Master Martillo.

For the payment of one mere slave girl, Master Martillo embarked upon his educational trip, to learn, to teach, and to help develop a new method of minting coins in the various cities upon Gor.

First stop was the city of Ar, as it is considered the monetary standard, to become accustomed to size, weight and measure of each denomination of coin. Master Norbus, the metal smith in charge of the "Mint of Ar", was kind enough to give Master Martillo quite an extensive tour of Ar (which lasted several months and several taverns). As Master Martillo did not wish to forget any of his trip, he set his new girl, tasseau, to madly take notes. The two Masters spent this first year improving the operation of the Ar Mint, redesigning the current coins for issue, and even got around to taking Master Martillo's girl off to the slave pens to be branded.

~~~~~~MORE TO COME~~~~~~