Well, it seems I've been thinking a lot about what I see posted about the problems girls seem to have with their slavery. so let's have a close look at what is happening shall we?

First we need to know what a slave is.

A slave is someone who belongs , in all respects, to someone other than themselves.

There are no variations on this, one is either a slave, or one is not, period.

So what may be done with a slave? Well anything or nothing, as the whim of the owner dictates. I think that a lot of confusion arises out of this latter point. Many girls seem to think of the master slave relationship as about the same as a vanilla couple's relationship, and so demand or expect a certain satisfaction of their own wants. I think these girls do not understand what a slave is. So let's look at a traditional situation.

A Master goes to the slave Market, checks out the merchandise, and when the lot number He's interested in comes up He bids, and perhaps is successful. If He is successful, He pays His money and takes home His purchase, to do with whatever He decided to purchase her for. that is not to say, that He might not find other uses for her, or that having tried her for one thing finds she is better suited to something else. In the end it is His decision what use she is put to. she might end up being a scribe, a pleasure slave, a pot and kettle girl, or a coin girl, and she won't know until she is put to her use, and she may not know from one day to the next which is her fate come the dawning of the day.


Now for the slave:

The slave for whatever reason, IS a slave, otherwise she would not be on the auctioneer's block. The slave only knows she is a slave, and is to be sold. she knows this because she is there on the block and people are bidding on her. she knows not who might purchase her, nor for what purpose she is being bought. she might hope to be bought for a specific purpose, but in reality she has no idea what lies in store for her. When the girl is taken to her new owner's keep, she will find out what use He will make of her. she cannot demand anything, she simply has to do what is commanded of her. her hopes and aspirations don't come into consideration.

Now we come to the net; here girls put themselves out in the public arena as being a slave, and Men put themselves out in the same arena as Masters. slave girls are in effect putting themselves on the slaver's block, they try by conversation to assess what type of Master they are dealing with, and what type of slavery they might have under that particular Master. Having thoroughly assessed the Master she begs for His collar, in effect selling herself to Him. she is now His property to do with as He pleases. In reality she has no way of knowing what kind of person He is, nor what He has in mind for her. just as the traditional slave in the slave market.

So the confusion it seems to Me, comes from an expectation on the girl's part that she is going to be used in a particular way, that certain unwritten rules apply as to what may, and might, and must be done with her, and if she doesn't get her way, then she begs release, and fully expects to be released. This is a view no true slave would even consider. for were she not completely satisfactory, she would not be released, she would simply be resold. she would have no control of the situation whatsoever. The girl who thinks she retains even a modicum of control, has not accepted her slavery, she still thinks she is going steady with her high school beau, and can alter the relationship at her whim.

One problem for the modern woman who says she is a slave is one of rights. she is taught from birth that people have rights, and so finds it difficult to abandon those rights in all their subtleties when she aspires to be a slave. There seems to be a great deal of misery caused by the feeling that the girl's rights are not being respected or fulfilled, BUT, a slave has no rights, none, zip, zilch, so any idea that she may retain some of them, should be thrown out the minute she considers herself a slave. When a girl begs a collar she gives ALL rights to her owner. ALL!

Now to Masters! well there are many who call themselves Masters, but in reality Masters are few and far between. Most it seems to Me have a vague understanding what it is to own a slave, in that they know they may do much as they like with them. Most, it also occurs to Me don't seem to understand the responsibility of ownership. Just as some people drive a car until it runs out of gas and then abandon it, and others check the oil at every pit stop, so masters come in many different levels of experience. Nothing in our Modern society shows them a role model of what it is to be a Master, and how the Master must care for the slave's health, clothing, housing, and general wellbeing. The result is that they have a steep learning curve when they first get a 24/7 slave girl.

Now here is another point of confusion. Many slave girls seem to have expectations of what a Master should be, and how her new Master is going to treat and use her, but a true slave girl would not know what kind of Master she was purchased by, and so would only strive to do her best for Him, regardless of His level of experience. It is not her prerogative to question her Master, or His commands. There seems to be a tendency for slave girls on the net to complain to one another about their situations, and these complaints are mostly to do with unfulfilled expectations. But a slave can have no expectations, she may have hopes, but that is all. If she goes on the block with expectations then she is putting herself forward as a slave, but, as a lying slave, for she is not really a slave. she is looking for a modified vanilla relationship, and pretends to be a slave to get what she wants. she is no slave.

Back to the Car; some people use them until they are rust buckets and then send them to the wreckers, others trade them in every two years, yet others keep them, and maintain them until they are sought after antiques, and bring huge prices at auction :) The car doesn't know which type of owner it serves. The car simply endeavors to do what it is built for.

So slave girl, ask yourself what it is you are, are you a slave? or are you just playing a game in order to get a modified vanilla relationship?

The answer lies deep in your belly, have a look.