Welcome, new girl!

This is a training site for kajirae.

For whatever reason you have arrived here, you are knocking on a door which, once entered, will leave you changed forever. Before you enter this door. I want you to be very sure that this is indeed what you want. Consider very carefully the following paragraphs:

Be aware that the world of Gor is a very small one here on Earth, and so your chances of finding a good, real life, Gorean Master are extremely limited. There are plenty of gamers and sceners out there, but very few TRUE Masters, and even fewer GOREAN ones. Once you are a trained kajira, you will never be happy until you have been claimed and collared by a True Gorean Master. By training, you limit your chances of happiness for the rest of your life, for only a True Gorean Master will do for a kajira.

What is a kajira?

A kajira is a particular kind of female slave, one who considers herself property, lives the life of selfless service to her owner and Master, and in that service finds her fulfillment. A kajira is a girl whose mind, body, belly, and soul, have become one single unit, who serves her Master to the best of her ability, and strives to become ever more perfect in that service, for the sole reason of pleasing her Master, her center.

If you come to this door via chat room Gor, then you must understand that there is a world of difference between cyber and real life. Do you think you were owned in channel? Think again new girl!

Are you ready to abandon self, for your future Master? Are you ready to consider yourself as property, to be done with as your Master pleases? Are you ready to be disciplined in any way your Master chooses if you are found to be in the least displeasing? Are you ready to make your Master your true center? Are you ready to make your Master the sole focus of your life? Are you ready to put yourself 100% at His disposal? Are you ready to be merely an extension of your Master?

Be prepared to look deep inside of yourself, for to become a kajira you must first know who you are. Are you ready to understand what your strengths and weaknesses are?

IF you have carefully considered these questions, then write an essay of not less than 250 words, and not more than 500 words, on the subjects raised above. Email to martillo_metalsmith @ hotmail(dot)com ...Then with your essay in hand, you may knock on the door new girl!

It is My sincere wish that you find what you are searching for new girl, work hard and you will attain!


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