tasseau has been tossing around the term "to beg" and while it means different things to different girls, tasseau felt she would pass on some of her thoughts.

We start our life (as our life really starts when we become owned) begging for His collar. The word beg itself can range, by dictionary definition, from asking for clarity, to ask for, to ask for earnestly, beseech, implore, supplicate and importune. but a word, is but a word that only takes on meaning in communication, and communication is when two individuals or a group attach the same meaning to the words spoken or written. Therefore, what is one girls asking could be another's begging, in the same light that one girls begging would be the other girls desperate or pleading begging.

Therefore, in tasseau's life she begs for everything, don't get me wrong, for tasseau the begging comes from different levels. From the simple asking of permission (to make coffee or use the bathroom), the simple requests (permission for cigarette or clarity of task priorities), to the very core pleading (supplicating imploring for forgiveness).

In begging or submitting requests if it makes you feel more comfortable, you acknowledge that all comes from the Master and requires His permission. When you wait to eat, you are begging to be found worthy to be fed and sustained. When you sit at His feet and reach up and touch Him and look at Him with those love/passion filled eyes, you are begging to be found worthy of the Masters time. When you ask for that cigarette it is begging also.

So begging is not just verbal, but can be unspoken also; and not only unspoken but the more we might feel the importance of the issue the deeper from our core would come the request, and in our true nature of a kajira we would find that begging including not only her carefully chosen words, but the unconscious body reactions to implore and show how deeply she really wanted what she was asking for.

Any ways,,, just thoughts from tasseau,

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